What’s going on internet land? Ken Brown here, first I want to take the time to say thank you for connecting with me here on my blog where my goal is to Inspire, Motivate & show you that Life holds so many more beauties for the taking through sharing some of my experiences. Who is Inspired Millionaires is what I bet you are wondering :) well I’m a 40 year old single full time dad of 3 Beautiful kids: Aneysa, Kylin & Kane. My babies are my WHY, they are the very Essence of why I work so hard to Achieve and Conquer my Dreams. Though my journey has not been easy I refuse to think anything less then “I AM a Winner”.

People always ask me “Ken, how did you get to where you are, what’s the secret”? The only honest answer I can give you is PASSION. In order to Ignite the Passion inside of you to Succeed, you must first be Exposed. You can’t be exposed until you get out of your comfort zone to do something NEW that you have never done before. No I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth BUT all my Life I was raised and loved by my mother, a Strong Intelligent Black Woman. Though my mother was an amazing woman and provider I found my self on the other side of the glass with the law which resulted in me dropping out of school at the age of 16. But by the grace of God I spent the next 12 years working varies management positions in corporate America earning a nice income even though I was a high school drop out. 

The Browns2003 thru the end of 2008 was the longest and hardest time of my Life. It seem like I was at the top of the world in my career, purchased a new home, recreational toys, married a woman and enjoying my beautiful kids then the next minute I was going through a hard divorce losing everything... now homeless living on the streets. I have grown to believe that Strength, Beauty, Success, Courage & Dreams just to name a few are birth through tragedy. I believe that in every Success Story, there were some problems that had to be fixed, there was a steep mountain that had to be climbed. Trust me when I say this, to become a Conqueror in Life you must first endure a season of heart ache and hard times but you keep Faith and remain strong. I must admit, if I could go back in time and change some things I wouldn’t. I believe we all especially men need to go through a season of self examination and reflecting on our Character while finding Integrity. In 2008 I joined Team Safari Outdoors as the VP of Communications and Marketing where I coordinates the Team's corporate and competitive visual activities. I maintained a busy marketing and consulting schedule, interwoven with fishing and hunting tournaments, website, media, races and community work. As one of the pro circuit's few full-time competing African Americans, I proudly set the standard for others to follow. I'm arguably one of the most accomplished multi-species anglers in the US. Though I have not competed in all of the high octane major bass fishing tournament circuits, I have trained side by side with Pro Angler Ollie Alexander all his life.

 In 2009 I hooked up with two good friends Greg Napier & Cedrick Harris where I was exposed to the world of Direct Sales and Network Marketing. I later developed a keen understanding for Direct Sales, Communications & Marketing which allowed me to now utilize my God given Gifts & Talent to earn a amazing income from the comforts of my home. As I move into 2013 I gave birth to my Coaching & Training brand Inspired Millionaires where I became a pioneer in showing other business owners how to Build, Brand and Market their businesses more effective online and off, and visally designing their brands through my attraction marketing business MyBlogGuy. 

 In July of 2018 I tried to purchase a home on my own and got denied due to the fact that I had a 543 FICO score :( I linked up with a team of individuals whom specialized in credit and financial stability so that I could educate myself. In less then 60 days I was able to become debt FREE, taking my credit FICO score from a 543 to a 776 (233 points). I went back to the same lender who denied me just to get a YES which allowed me to purchase my first home all by myself :) Now in 2019 I'm enjoying being a home owner and helping others become Debt Free, Financial Stable and Living out their Dreams.

I have to admit that I've really enjoyed my journey in becoming one of the most sought after public figures online but more then that I love the fact that God has allowed me to be in his Favor with a set of Gifts & Talents which position my Beautiful kids to want for nothing. ~Ken Brown

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